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What are your priorities for Bristol’s budget?

Every year Bristol City Council sets a budget that lays out how much money services have to spend. Recently the amount of money available to spend has decreased which has led to significant cuts to budgets across the council.

This year is no exception. Over the next five years the council must find £108m* of savings to balance the books which means service budgets will be affected again. If we increase Council Tax by 1.99% each year, the maximum possible without a referendum, and an additional 3% in 2018/19 for the social care precept, this will increase the money we have available by £29m by 2022/23 contributing a significant amount to bridging our budget gap.

We have also taken the opportunity to review all the pressures we face, and have identified ways in which we hope to mitigate against some demand and inflation pressures, and changes in funding to reduce the gap by a further £14m.

This leaves us with a gap of £65m over the next five years.

We want your views on which services you would prioritise and where these savings could be made.



This simulator has been designed so you can see what we do, have a go at setting service budgets and understand the likely impacts of raising or cutting those budgets. Your goal is to set a balanced budget whilst making the necessary £65m savings. Submit your final budget and we’ll consider the results when deciding how to make those savings.

When using the simulator you can find out more about each service by clicking on its title, and see more detailed information on any consequences of your proposed savings by clicking the 'More info' link where this is available.

*Please note: To make this tool we have estimated how much money we will need in March 2023 to run services similar to those offered today. The figures do not represent the council’s current budget, but what we would need to spend at that point to keep up with things like inflation and a rising demand for services.

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